Monday, February 25, 2008

GDC: the wrap up

I wanted to post some parting words, but I had to rapidly decompress from GDC into an academic environment. Now having gotten the nitrogen out of my system, I might be able to type up a final blog post of GDC, so I can get a move on.

- I'm posting more pictures on my Facebook as I find them
- Digital Respect Knuckles to Pat Dugan, Chris Bateman, Tom Long. It was fun hanging out with you guys.
- Also: all the people I've met, had beers with, etc. You made my week.
- I liked not having an agenda at my first GDC. It allowed to talk freely and not deal with the pressure of actually trying to sell myself. I imagine at other GDCs I may go to in the future, this will not be the case.

also: I've been thinking about changing the name of this blog. It's starting to bother me.