Sunday, June 25, 2006

First steps are always the hardest

I'm not exactly sure what the first post of a blog is supposed to be like. Should be a pretentious annoucement of a new blog, should be a simple bland introduction, or should I simply get into whatever it is I'm talking about? Perhaps D) All of the above?

The way I figure it really is that the first post shouldn't really mean all the much. I'll write about what I want to write about (probably game design and whatever reading/watching/playing at the time) so there is no real point to telling people what I'm going tell them and who I am will be revealed as I go along. But at the same it does seem a bit rude to ignore doing an introduction, a bit like starting a conversation without a greeting.

So as an introduction the only thing I'll do is explain the name. I asked my dad to describe my humor and he came up with those three adjectives. That's it. Seeya later.