Monday, December 18, 2006

Messing Around with QuiteBASIC

So this QuiteBASIC thing is pretty cool. The nostalgia of programming BASIC hit me so hard after messing around I had to put on a Thundercats tshirt while watching Ninja Turtles, playing Pogs and listening to Run DMC. Seriously, I remember picking up a a dusty battered old book in the library circa 2nd grade ('92ish?) called How To Program Games In BASIC. Gosh I loved that book. Technically it didn't open the doors to programming for me, that honor belongs to this Batch File Programming book my dad got me. However, I really got interested after scouring that book. I wonder if I can find the code back from those days...

Anyways, I made a crappy Etch-A-Sketch clone, if you're interested click. The program's long so I don't feel spamming up my front page with 208 PRINT "blah blah" and 215 PLOT s, y, "some color or other"

I think I'll put together a few simple games or something in QuiteBASIC as I think that would be cool.